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Giving a hand

« Team Gre-Nable » is a team based in Grenoble with e-Nable France’s approved makers. We develop, we print and offer prosthetics for free for kids or adults who need them.

Custom Design

Team Gre-Nable is known for designing fully customized solutions, tailored to specific needs from our applicants.

Helpfull Hand

As a member of the french association e-Nable France, team Gre-Nable adapts and prints and offers for free hands or arms prosthetics to those who need some.
If you need a prosthetic, feel free to register by the association at d’

In this blog you will find all of our publications concerning the works done by the team, technical texts or tutos describing our methods, some explanations of our technical solutions and our original designs. The solutions we implement will sometimes need to be commented about specific questions that you are allowed to submit. Feel free to send us a mail or leave comments under the articles. To the extent of our availability we will answer every question.

Our original designs are open-source Licence Creative Commons even if the STL files are not (yet) published on Thingiverse.

Some of our posts are still written into french waiting for translation. In the mean time you can browse the french blog to read these posts.

Happy readings.


A knife holder for a child

The context  Lina is a 5 years old girl when we meet her for the first time. She was born with a malformed right hand equipped with two fingers. One of these is weak. She cannot flex both of her fingers, but only move them laterally as a kind of needle...

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Design Of An Assistive Upper Limb

Here is the final report written by 3 graduate students who worked during 4 months full time to build a proof of concept for an assistive system dedicated to ease utilization of e-nable printed apparatus. They together investigated the state of the art in...

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Wrist Lock System: Relieving wrist bending

Context: Classically, bending the wrist enables handling objects with an E-nable hand prosthesis (Raptor or Phoenix). But, we identified that this bending movement, necessary to trigger a grip, led to tire the user of the prosthesis with time. After Nathalie has...

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Why we are using Onshape for designing our projects ?

Most of us, makers of the e-Nable community are not professionals of mechanical design and we are learning this new activity the more we could. To ease the learning curve, we need to access the most simplest but powerful tools. From the various posts published on...

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Matteo’s Release – Technical Aspects

Matteo's arm: Technical Aspects Matteo's arm has been designed mainly based on the Unlimbited Arm , and more precisely the Alfie Edition. This page will document why and how we proposed some modifications of the UnLimbited Arm. The main set of...

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